Megan Fox Stay Slim Diet and Exercise Secrets

meganfoxWith a body like that, who would think that Megan Fox hates to workout?  Well it’s true!  The “Transformers” actress says, “I’m very lazy. I hire a personal trainer who is supposed to come three times a week. He comes to me – I don’t even have to leave the house. He’ll come to my house and I’ll be lying in the exact same spot he left me in. I’ll be like: ‘Not today! Not today!’ So, for me to do these scenes [in Transformers] was hard but fun.”

The actress spends 30 minutes of her time doing cardio exercises that flatten and tone her abs. She begins with some warm-up movements butterfly crunch or front planks and then she gets down to business with knee-ups, leg swings and ball leg lifts. She then mixes the cardio moves with Pilates or cycling for another 30 – 45 minutes to round out her workout.

As for her diet, Megan is careful about her daily meals and really focuses on eating a healthy breakfast so she has lots of energy and doesn’t overeat later on in the day.  She loves eggs and usually has them every day.  Megan is also a fan of almonds because she knows they contain filling protein and fiber. They’re also a good source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that might help give her that amazing complexion.  She’s a fan of lean protein sources and eats lots of veggies and fruits to keep her full.

There’s really no big secret here, she just makes good choices and has incorporated them as part of her lifestyle which is truly the secret to staying healthy and slim!



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  2. I normally dont stop to leave comments, but it is not easy to find actual thoughts on this topic today. You did a lovely job in this post and I think I’ll check out your other articles as well. Keep writing!

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