Fergie Drops 17 Lbs

After putting on 17 pounds for the movie Nine, Fergie learned it takes a lot longer to lose weight than it does to gain. Yes, it’s very true. Apparently, Fergie really has been “working on her fitness”….after a free for all with Salma Hayek on the set of Nine. Fergie says, “We were eating our brains out. We ordered everything fried and full of fat and salty.”

At the Allure Shoot

At the Allure Shoot

The extra poundage is nowhere to be seen on Fergie’s gorgoeus bikini cover shot, and the singer credits working out with her hot husband’s trainer for getting her super-toned body back. In her interview for its May issue of Allure, Fergie said,”If I don’t do sit-ups, my stomach sticks out. Legs are easy for me. That’s my lucky spot.”

Well, it’s a little reassuring to know that taut tummy doesn’t come without hard work. Do you have one area that you can count on to look good without much effort, like Fergie and her stems? And gifted gams they are….





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4 responses to “Fergie Drops 17 Lbs

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  3. Just goes to show that it can be done! But I’m pretty sure she had a lot of help and motivation.

  4. Yes, it goes on much easier than it comes off… lol! Interesting approach to your blog here, I’m impressed!



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