Connie Armstrong

Connie Armstrong

Connie Armstrong is a Los Angeles based writer who brings her years of Hollywood insider insight to the public. After working as an advertising and finance exec in Hollywood, Armstrong began product development, working with such companies as Rock & Republic, Jouer, Girlactick, Julie Hewett, Napoleon Perdis, LuxLash, Anastasia and Billion Dollar Brows among many others. Connie wanted to spread the wealth of knowlege to those who wanted it about fun finds and products that celebs are crazy about.

She specializes in copywriting, marketing and branding, and brings her talents to a blog to let others see how the celebrities live. What are the products, clothing and diet and fitness regimes that keep them looking so glamorous. It isn’t by accident. Enjoy the posts as your get an insight into the things that keep the celebs looking and feeling their best. And follow her  Patsy-of-Ab-Fab-like obsession to lose weight and finally be thin and fabulous. Sweety. Dah-ling

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  1. Veronica

    Connie – good luck with your quest to be healthy!! I too, am on a similar quest. I’ve favorited your blog and have enjoyed it…



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