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Once a week on Wednesday morning I will do a weigh in, and give an update to everyone with progress, an overview of the week, and my thought for continuing on with new goals.

New Years Resolutions Come Early with Dawn Christie

Okay, Okay…so any of you who know me and talk to me on a regular basis know that 2009 has been a year of challenges, changes and growth. I have started a new business doing eyelash extensions. It’s still in it’s infancy (but doing amazingly well! Thanks all!!), but the time I have been able to spend with my daughter and refocusing on the health of my mind and body have been a welcome shift in energy for me- the consumate work-a-holic.

 In the last few months I have become more open, and I have redoubled my efforts to be healthy on all levels. I am now seeing   my extra weight as more of a holistic issue – believeing that perhaps Eastern philosophies that every ill in the body is caused by and energetic or emotional issue- I have explored some other approaches to losing added pounds that I gained since I had my daughter….or should I say, this new weight loss approach fell into my lap. That’s probably more accurate.

Several months ago, I came to know one of my clients. She is glamorous and exotic. A pint sized ball of energy who’s always dressed in cute body hugging dresses and chic jackets.  She has the body of a buxom Barbie doll, a long, thick mane of gorgeous black hair and  a quick, hearty laugh that implores you to join in the fun. Usually traveling with a small entourage consisting of her charming husband Johhny (a one time pro body builder and actor now  a talented personal trainer) and an interesting friend or two- it is impossible to imagine this woman ever alone. She found out we were neighbors- she being in the posh Westlake Village and I in Thousand Oaks. She invited me to come in and see her spiritual retreat and spa. I was happy to oblige, I’m always up to a social call…

So I arrived at the gates of the exclusive North Ranch Estates in Westlake Village. Sprawling mansions layed out on an expansive golf course…as soon as I entered my cell phone stopped working and I felt like I was in another world. I pulled up to the gate of the Christie home, the Spiritual Retreat, and parked my car, and rang the door bell. Johhny greeted me, along with Simba- Dawn’s adorable dog…and I started to see what I was dealing with…Dawn Christie was NO JOKE and this woman was larger than life in every way. The resident “singing” chef, stepped over to ask me if I wanted anything to drink. Cappucino please!. Haha. She presented me with the most delicious cappuccino I have had in a very long while.

Dawn Christie greeted me with open arms and a warm hug. She is full of love and graciousness. With Christmas songs playing throughout the palatial home (complete with unique Egyptian themed architecture in the livingroom and bathroom, a sprawling multi-level back yard with pool and cabana), Dawn led me from room to room, showing me the dance room with  mirrored wall sand poles where she teaches private clients various styles of dance, kick boxing- all depending on the individual needs of the client as part of her retreat offerings. I am led into the Spiritual room where she does spiritual readings and biofeedback. Then she leads me into the esthetician room, where she has her LPG (body contouring machine for weight loss treatments), boom blast equiptment (for high heat body wrap treamtments, also for weight loss), a non-surgical face-lift machine and shelves and shelves of amazing organic, pure Parisian body products that are used in the treatments.

Dawn then shows me the ethereal, all white guest room where clients stay while enjoying a spiritual retreat of 1, 3, 7 days or more. She tells me of some of the more notable celebrities who she’s worked with, and some of the fascinating client stories…relationships healed, financial successes and personal growth that she’s helped bring about. Dawn next shows me the enormous bathroom where she does spiritual baths and aromatherapy bubble bath. I am breathless and amazed. Totally floored by the peaceful opulence that resides in this space. Wow. It feels like heaven on earth. She then asks me to shake my hands and put my hands in hers. She looks at me and tells me that she can see that I really want to be in a loving relationship, and she sees how she can do that. Wow. Yes, she is RIGHT with that…and the rest of the day is amazing. She asks me if I’d like to start doing some treatments that day to get a taste of what she does at the Dawn Christie’s Spiritual Retreat. I discuss payment arrangements, and we get started!

She does the LPG on me, and I can see that this equipment is top of the line, and she’s very skilled at what she does. I become excited by the idea that I am going to work with her to clear away the emotional, physical and spiritual garbage and emerge as a new girl for 2010. Over the course of 6 more weeks, I get to know Dawn Christie and . They are a wonderful cast  of characters.

I notice within days of the first series of treatments I am glowing, feel as though I am walking on clouds. Other people are noticing too. Strangers stare at me in a new way, seemingly drawn to a new aura that I am attaining. I am feeling emotionally “softer” and more open. Truly happy and peaceful.  I stop being untruthful about anything, not even white lies. And I am seeing that I look thinner!

I do the Boom Blast, LPG, non-surgical facelift and spiritual baths every day. I spend time with Dawn at the retreat. I enjoy the amazing fish, vegetables, chicken and scrumptious desserts the Mia serves up at the retreat. I am pampered with delicious drinks, my senses are engaged with the smells and tastes that are true simple joys. I drink Sunrider Cali tea, as Dawn is a Sunrider distributor,  and feel nourished from the inside out. Nurtured in soul and body.  I feel truly “mothered” by Dawm in the best sense of the word.  My cravings for bad foods begin to disappear as my inner peace and personal esteem grow. I start to feel peace and love in all areas of my life. I start cooking more. I feel motivated to go to the gym because I want to take care of myself, and show myself love. I clean my house and car more often. I start to take better care of myself…and it’s effortless. And it’s Dawn Christie. And I keep  on losing weight, and feeling better and more healthy spiritually than I ever have. Amazing. Nothing short of a miracle.

During one of my baths I have the joy of reading the manuscript for Dawn’s first book. She talks about discovering her gift, working with clients and healing people, and then she channels universal truths and words of wisdom to better help the reader understand the the true purpose of life, how to live it and how to live it in love. This is going to be a groundbreaking book that will make Dawn Christie a household name.

Dawn only claims to be a faithful messenger. The way she works is that she can see how we come into this life, what is going on, and what the true desires of our heart are. Her gift is to help her clients achieve those goals by very specific direction and using her healing energy to cleanse and fortify out sometimes sick and depleted souls and help lift us up and give us direction. I am so blessed to be working with someone who is not only helping me lose weight, but also healing my mind, body and soul at the same time.

If you want to change your life and make 2010 the best year ever, talk to Dawn Christie. She’s the woman to do it!

Ohhh, yes, I am 15 lbs lighter than the last post I placed on this blog, but I have GAINED so much more. Most definitley gained so very much more!  Thank you Dawn. I love you!

And check out this teaser that was done for a reality show…we’re still looking for interested networks!!


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Alright everybody, I am pleased to announce that after “stalling” out and hitting a plateau early on into my weight loss, I have hit the sweet spot, and I am losing fat again. I feel great. I got on the scale, 2 more lbs of body fat off, 1.5 lbs of scale weight (yes, I bought a body fat scale, see it in my updates on my products page). It was not easy, and certainly not without a lot of scrutiny, fatigue and some expense.

I hit a lull with my weight loss and was not able to lose a pound, in fact, I saw my weight fluctuate on the scale up and down. My clothes were fitting better, but I saw that the same old pattern of losing weight and then gaining in back almost as quickly as I lost it, even though my habits didn’t change dramatically. Unfortunatley, I am one of those people who really needs to work super hard and watch my diet like a hawk or I will not lose weight.

So over the weekend I bought several popular weight loss books from The Biggest Loser to The 5 Factor Fitness Plan to The Fat Smash Diet featured on Celebrity Fit Club on VH1. I tried the 5 Factor diet, which holds to the theory that you need to eat protien, low glycemic carbs, fiber and a sugar free drink with every meal. It’s sound, but allows too many calories, and for those with a more sluggish metabolism like myself, it’s just too much food to lose weight on.

michaelthurmondI decided on Michael Thurmond’s 12 Day Body Reshaping Plan. The book includes a diet and exercise regime, which gives specific body shaping and diet advice based on body type. I am a Meso-Ecto, naturally muscular and athletic, but with a slower metabolism. I reccomend this read to anyone who is serious about reshaping their body and dropping fat. My trainer was originally trained by Michael years ago, and so a lot of these concepts were ideas that he had also introduced to me. Low fat, low glycemic carbs diet is the key, and 5-6 meals a day. Again, this is specifically based on body type, so don’t follow this diet unless you read it, but here it is:

Meal 1 2oz egg whites, 1/2 cup steel oats and sugar free syrup, medium size banana

Upper Body Workout 4 sets of 18 reps each exercise

Meal 2 2 oz chicken with greens salad and salsa

Meal 3 2 oz chicken, 1/2 cup rice pilaf, 1 cup green beans

Meal 4 Salad w/ 2 oz salmon

Meal 5 2 oz whitefish with 1/2 yam & asparagus, Sugar Free Jell-O Cup

60 minutes slow run, 4.5 mph, .5 incline

1nectarine and peppermint tea


I feel really good, energized, and the food keeps me full, but it metabolizes quickly, meaning I am frequently hungry, but also frequently eating. The diet also seems to have increased my metabolism, strangely, I feel warmer, like I am running “hotter” than before. Totally cool. I am excited. I am going to tie this in with the concepts I learned from Body for Life, the programs are very compatable, but Michael Thurmond gives VERY SPECIFIC guidance and direction, and it really seems to work. I am in weight loss heaven.

I am still making all my meals the night before, and working hard at the gym, but have cut out nuts and nut butters, which were holding back my weight loss. Stay tuned for more developements….ohh yeah, and I am trying my first pole dancing class tomorrow. Hahaha! Gotta keep it fun people! Have a wonderful week!

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The Quest for The Seemingly Unattainable Goal Weight

Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems that for the umpteenth time in the last 20 some-odd years I am embarking upon a quest for my illusive goal weight. I was in the best shape of my life 4 years ago, but after having a baby, going through divorce, and licking my wounds in some unhealthy ways (i.e. eating like a pig and not exercising regularly) I find myself in a conundrum. I was tipping the scales at a horrifying 205, and seemed unable to lose a single pound, or inch, or ANYTHING!! What’s a chubby girl to do?

As a single Mom,  it’s sometimes hard to find the time and motivation to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and really make it stick. I mean, I really just wanted to get my hot body back, and be cute and comfortable in my own skin. However, faced with the fact that I was not getting any thinner, and that anything short of a very concerted effort was not working, I decided that I needed a serious overhaul.

This began about 6 weeks ago. I knew that I needed to look closely at what I was putting in my mouth and how much I was really exercising. It was time to get honest, to get real. After several weeks of tinkering with my food and exercise with no visible results or progress on the scale, I ran into a friend of mine who is a trainer at the gym. He gave me a few pointers,  and talked about how important diet was, and asked me if I wanted to train with him. Impulsively, I said yes. I am so glad I did!

Since I started working with him I have seen visible results and lost 6 lbs on the scale. My clothes are fitting again, and my figure is coming back slowly but surely. I am working very hard to get results. I have along way to go, but feel like I am have already made some huge progress by breaking through some barriers.  I want to share some of the secrets of my recent success with you!


I have been athletic all my life. I know how to eat healthy, and I know how to work out. However, there is something to be said for expert advice and help. After all, if I had cancer, would I try and cure it myself? Nope. So, I enlisted the help of a trainer. This has several benefits. I feel accountable to him and want to stay on track so that he will be happy with me. I also have made a financial commitment to him, so I feel the pinch in my pocketbook to take the training and diet seriously and not waste my money. Most importantly however, I have a trainer who knows what he is doing. He sees my specific build and body type and knows what is going to work to get me a long, sleek shape. It’s a good idea to try and find a highly qualified trainer who understands that every person needs a tailored routine, and if they understand diet, it’s even better. Otherwise, you may want to also consult with a nutritionist. Even if you only work with a trainer for a month to kick start an exercise routine or go to a dietitian a few times, it’s worth the time and investment.


An invaluable tool for the last 4 weeks has been keeping a food journal. I was writing down what I was eating and bringing it to my trainer to show him my progress. The first 2-3 weeks I did not see a big change in my weight or in how I felt. Well, after looking at my food log I could see that  it was partly because I was eating protein bars (at least they weren’t cookies) whenever I felt I needed a sweet treat. So, even though my trainer had said protein bars were OK, too many calories is still too many calories…and at the end of the day a huge part of weight loss is simply the math…burn more calories than you consume and viola, you will lose weight.  By writing it down, I started to see the patterns that were keeping me stuck, the foods that were causing me to crave and binge (I call them TRIGGER FOODS). So, after 2 weeks of over indulging on certain trigger foods, I decided that I needed to eliminate protien bars from my diet. Since then I lost another 3 lbs, and the cravings have gone away.


Another huge help has been preparing all my meals the night before and planning them in advance. I eat basically the same thing every day with some slight variations. A huge help has been measuring, preparing and packaging all my meals the night before. When I am hungry in the morning and have no willpower, I just heat up the omelet I made the night before and enjoy some fresh fruit that was cut up, and don’t have to think about it. It saves me money on eating out, and ensures that I adhere to my diet. I had gotten into the habit of binging on sugar in the morning, which is the worst way to start out your day, and probably a huge factor in my weight gain. Preparing my meals the night before has put that madness to a stop, and resulted in weight loss and more even blood sugar levels throughout the day.


My diet consists of only low-glycemic foods. This keeps my blood sugar levels in check. According to my trainer, a person who is overweight has become insulin sensitive. It takes 1-2 weeks off a sugar-y diet to get your blood sugar levels evened out, and your blood sugar levels need to even out before you can lose weight…so be patient, the weight will not come right off at first. Give it a few weeks.  Before I started this low glycemic diet (also known as a diabetic diet) I experienced energy level crashes, uncontrollable cravings, binge eating and the depression that comes with this unhealthy cycle. After eliminating all foods from my diet that are high sugar (this includes breads, certain fruit, sweets and many grains), I have experienced very few craving (and controllable at that),  sustained energy levels, better sleep, weight and inch loss. I feel really good emotionally and physically.


I have a secret addiction. It’s green tea. Green tea is an anti-oxidant, known to aide in blood sugar regulation and weight loss, and when sweetened is just plain lovely. Yummy in fact. I have portable packets that I use called ULTRA LEAN GREEN. It’s tasty, staves of hunger, and forces me to drink more water and put down sodas that bloat and have no redeeming nutritional value. I love Ultra Lean Green (or ULG). Using it, I was able to quit my morning cup of coffee, which gave me a yucky waaaaay up and waaaaaay down kind of feeling. I like being able to integrate elements into my lifestyle that enhance my overall health. It increases my chances of losing weight and keeping it off long term.


I fancy myself a student of life, and my quest for a whittled waist is no different. As soon as I made the decision to start on my weight loss journey in earnest, I started reading about others who has achieved similar success. I read about the people who did Body For Life, picked up Fitness magazines and looked for their “success story” section where they feature readers who has lost weight and kept it off long term. I love reading tips from top trainers like Jillian Michaels, or her success stories from The Biggest Loser series. They are inspirational. I adopt their attitudes, diet and work out routines into my life and see what works for me. It’s been invaluable and I find that I feel supported just knowing that there are others out there who are on the same path, or who have lost a large amount of weight and kept it off. Inspiration is awesome.jillian michaels


I have become very busy with work, and spending more time at the gym. I am not as social as I was a few months ago, because this goal is a high priority in my life right now. I will never apologize for making health a top priority in my life. One thing I do not skip is my prayer, mediation and reading uplifting literature. Regardless of your religious or spiritual views, I belive these kind of practices are universally beneficial.  I have found meditation and introspection centers me and gives me renewed commitment to my weight loss and health goals. I also use visualization to forecast how I will look and feel when I reach my goals as a form of meditation to propel me further into having the healthiest body that I can have. Mediation for me is just simply a time where I stop, am quiet and take an internal temperature, refocuse and re-energize. Yoga, prayer or mediation are all good ways to fit a little bit of serenity into a busy day.


I am excited about my recent success, and I know a lot of other women and men who are trying to lose weight or just feel healthier. I really believe that anything that works should be shared! Hey, good PR is everything, right?  I share my diet tips with anyone who wants them, I give out my trainers number and I try and encourage those who I know are on the same path to keep on moving forward. I like to share my success because I know how hard it can be to lose weight, and how emotionally devastating it can be to not have the body you want. At least it has been for me.  I hope this blog help others in the same position to be encouraged, enlightened and uplifted! Please ask me any questions you have so that we can all get healthier together!


Much Love,






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