ballet bar2Exercise of the week: Plie Squat

After taking my first ballet class in about 15 years, I remembered how much hard work it is on your legs, and what good shape I must have been at the time. Honestly, overweight or not, I am still in great shape (that’s what my trainer says!), so getting a challenging workout is really important for me to reach my goals.

Here’s a great work out that will challenge you and work your thighs.

Plie squat in 2nd position (legs wide apart, toes facing out). Turn leg out from the hip so that the thigh is facing out, not front. This works your core more, as well as increasing flexibility and working your glutes.

Plie/squat with your weight more in your heels so that you are not pitching forward. Do 20 squats, squat deep until you are 12-18 inches from the floor. For an extra challenge you can add hard weights and hold them at the top of your thighs or shoulders.

For a demonstration as to how you to do the plie squat, click on this link:


Incorporating this into a half hour work out is easy. Start by warming up, light cardio for 3-5 minutes, do 20 squats, a set of 20 pelvic thrusts with your legs at a 90 degree angle (dont use your legs for intertia, initiate the movement at your lower abs and control the movement up and down), do 20 crunches (keep lower abs tight and hold every 5th crumch for 5 seconds) and then do a 5 minute run at 5-6 mph. This will blast your legs into oblivion, keep your heart rate up, and work your abs. A great way to lose weight and tone up in all the right areas.



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