Mind Your Health

meditationSo last night I was at the gym doing cardio for several hours. I came home, proud of myself that I ran 5 miles and did another hour of cardio (sounds crazy, but a goal is a goal, and I will get this weight off…I am thinking of this weight loss as my second job), and was seriously beat.

I started to make my omelete for the morning, and packed the rest of my meals and got online and was answering some e-mails and updating a site. I usually just do my prayer, meditation and readings, I try to stay off the computer, but I got caught up. By the time I was ready to get to sleep I had not done any of my reading. The readings are really important for me…I have made it a healthy habit to do them every night- and I decided that even though it was way later than I usually did my readings, and I was really tired, I still needed to do the reading.

You see, to keep my weight loss moving forward, I have to keep my mental state healthy and serene, and I know from experience that I cannot let myself get too out of balance or else I start to slide in other areas. My diet is usually the first thing to slide. I have this goal of weight loss, and so I cannot afford to let the little things slide or else the big things slide and then I am going to see the scale inching back upwards again. It’s happened before. Belive me, I speak from experience.

So, just like when I go to the gym and sometimes have to force myself to work harder and longer than I want to, I also had to force myself to do my reading and meditation so that I can continue on my path. I am really proud of myself that I did, even though I was super tired. It’s all these little hills we climb that add up to a tremendous mountain. Most great achievements are accomplished little by little.


4 responses to “Mind Your Health

  1. tolduso

    That’s awesome that you can run 5 miles. When I was trying to work out a lot, I got myself up to 3.5 miles and that was it! That was a year ago! I slowly gained weight back…

    I’ve always been a little chunky. (about 10-12lbs over) and then I had kids, and between I added weight, and after I added weight. So, now I’m looking at 20-30lbs that I could probably stand to lose.

    About a month ago, I went to a local YMCA event, and met a great gal. She is a HEALTH COACH and I didn’t know what that was. Well, she started tell me about her program, and was so excited that I had to give it a try.

    I’m kind of skeptical and always refused to jump on any diet wagon. I just tried to reduce calories on my own to ensure my 10+ pounds didn’t turn into 15+ except now I’m beyond that! Well, this program is a life style change and I was curious.

    I’m blogging about my journey, included with photos, measurements, and weight, as well as, the good and the bad to make it honest. I want my readers to see whether or not the program truly works.

    My first week, down 5.5lbs. In middle of my 2nd week, and I’m now 7.5lbs lighter and my blog is due on Monday. I might reach the 10lbs in 2 weeks! I’m not hungry. In fact, I have a little difficulty in eating all the meals. 5 & 1- 5 soy based supplement meals with 1 lean and green of your own cooking.

    Once you met your goal weight, the Health Coach assists you in removing 1 supplement meal and adding a healthy grocery item. The suppplement meals are not to be on forever, but they train you to maintain your own weight on regular food!

    Sounds good to me!
    If you want to follow my journey:

    Sandi Ormsby

  2. Veronica

    Connie – I’ve been enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work, keep pushing with those good choices! That is what I am doing too. Reading your stuff is inspiring me – take care


    • Constance

      Good, thanks for the accolades, I hope it helps you out! Let me know if there are any other things you’d like to see me write about!

  3. tolduso

    You go Girl! Fantastic…again, I can’t nearly do 5 miles, and am slowly trudging along. My treadmill only can be at speed 4.1 for my very slow jog (ha!) People can walk faster than that, but anything faster tends to reinjure my hip, so I have to hold back a bit. It’s hard when you’re on a machine next to someone, basically the same build/shape, that is moving at 6.1 and getting their 5 miles! (argh!) But, I can pick up a spinning class pretty quickly. A couple more of those, and I’ll be increasing the intensity of that work out!

    I’m not sure where you are located, but if you are anywhere near Orange county, CA- they are having the Fun Mud Run, in Irvine. I blogged about it- http://www.tolduso.wordpress.com (subject/scroll to exercise or fundraise)-

    Well, good job and I look forward to reading more about your journey. I had a tough time on my program last week, but am back in the groove. 🙂

    Until next posting,

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