wuyipixieMy current favorite product is WuYi Pixie Packs. It’s a oolong tea in a packet that is kind of like Crystal Light. It”s yummy and when you add it to water you are sure to get an energy boost and drink more water, which is a definite benefit of this stuff. Everyone knows that you have to drink more water to lose weight. It supports all your body’s essential functions. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it! I love this stuff. I am totally addicted.




I just bought this to track the changes in my body composition:

taylorscaleI am excited to see the body fat percentage o down! For sure!! The scale was not expensive, but honestly seems a little flimsy. I used to have a Tanita, and that was much more solid. The reading on it does, however seem accurate, which is really the most important. I will update weight. Also, taking my before pics today, and going to be doing the BFL (Body for Life) Challenge, Day 1 is today.

Taylor also sells food scales and weight scales:


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  1. Marcy

    I ordered some!

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