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Sandra Bullock Diet and Exercise

Looking chiseled, as usual

Looking chiseled, as usual

Sandra Bullock, always charmingl-y candid and real, reveals her reasons and methods for staying in shape, and gives us insight to what her cheat day looks like.  Always one to be honest, it sounds like, just like everyone else, there is no magic pill or secret weight loss miracle. Being extremely active with lots of cardio and weight training, and a super clean diet is the key to her amazing figure, even in her 40’s!

Highlights of the interview:

I read once you have a “cheat day” once a week when you eat whatever you want. Do you still follow that rule?


How do you stay in shape?


What do you tell a girl who feels ugly because she’s not blond or doesn’t have a thin nose


“Welcome to my broken nose! [Her sister accidentally broke it while lifting a garage door when they were younger.] …I was rejected in school because I didn’t look like the big-breasted, beautiful girls. I was awkward and sad. My mother always said, “Be original!” but I didn’t understand until I changed to be like everyone else. Once I fit in, I was like, What have I done? I realized that my friends before were much cooler, with a great sense of humor and a way of looking at the world that was more fun. But if I hadn’t gone through that, I wouldn’t have been driven to make my oddities cool. It’s what made me have a sense of humor and thick skin. It’s like in All About Steve—I’m making fun of everything people have judged me for and put it into one character.”

“People ask, “How do actresses do it?” Um, they pay us to do this in order to look good on film. I do Pilates, kickboxing, weight training. When I’m in Austin, I run or ride a bike. If I can work out every day, I will. But there are times when I won’t do anything for two weeks, and I’m, like, you know what? I talk enough to burn calories.”

“I start Friday night and I end Saturday night. But it is not so regimented. I’ll make lists of what I want to eat this week or next week. I was in the store Marfa and they had this dark chocolate with bacon in it so I’ve gotta try that! I eat really well because I can afford to. Like last night I had brown rice and black beans and some steamed vegetables so today I’m going to have all kinds of good stuff! I love sweets, like Viennese pastry, raw cookie dough, or a nice bowl of Lucky Charms with milk that I eat in bed watching SNL. That’s heaven right there!”


Slim and Sporty Sandra

Slim and Sporty Sandra

Once again, refreshing to know that even girls like Sandy break down and scarf cookie dough every once in a while. Just so long as it’s once a week, and in reasonable moderation. I am looking forward to my cheat day already. Haha



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