Weekly Progress

OK, so I stepped on the scale this morning, and was happy to see that my weight has stabilized and it’s still 6 lbs lighter at 199. Still so high I cannot believe it, but onthe right track, so I will just deal with that number and not get hung up on the amount of the scale, but rather the fact that it is inching downwards.



5/23/2009 UPDATE!! Stepped on the scale today, down another popund, 198. I am super tired, but definitley glad I am making progress. Now I just need to get more sleep!!

5/28/2009 UPDATE!! Got on the scale this morning, no weight lost, but still holding. My clothes are looser, so I know I am losing inches, will only be a matter of time before it shows on the scale. I will update again on the 30th.

6/1/2009 UPDATE!! After much research, I am combining several ideas to create the perfect diet for me. Using concepts from Body For Life, 5 Factor Diet, Low Glycemic Diet, Fat Smash Diet and Micheal Thurmon’s body shaping I will be entering the Body for Life challenge. Before shots to be taken tonight, and you can follow my diet here and on twitter (@connieloseslbs). I will update my weight and body composition stats tonight or tomorrow morning. My clothes are less tight and I am getting noticeably smaller. I am more interested in my body composition and seeing fat come off.facepic I will also be reviewing diet books, new recipes, and posting new work out routines. Stay tuned.


One response to “Weekly Progress

  1. The Fat Smash diet is pretty much what I’m doing, and it’s relatively easy, except that it’s hard eating 4-5 times a day!! Not to mention expensive, ay! BUT what I have discovered is Henry’s Farmers Market!!! AMAZING, LOCALLY GROWN ORGANIC fruits and veggies for very very very low prices. Their seafood and chicken looks fantastic too!!! It makes dieting more affordable!! Their vitamin section is great too, I just picked up “ALIVE” multi green juice and some iron and herb juice to make sure I have all of my vitamins and that they are from whole foods, not processed. It’s a great way to keep your “temple” nice and clean 🙂

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